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Why and who hires bodyguards

It is a delicate task to find the best bodyguard for you since it is the person who will be taking care of you most of the day. It is not simply about putting the tallest person, or the most muscular, or the one with the bad face, an analysis and investigation must be done with the security companies to make sure that your escort has an official certification within a bodyguard association or private security company to ensure that you will have an efficient and reliable service.

There will be certain people who hire this private security service simply for fear of the insecurity that exists in these times, without necessarily having a “high risk” profession.

Unfortunately, close protection security is not a service accessible to all, so it is mostly seen as an expense, on the contrary, those people who perform functions that allow them to use these services will see it more as an investment since they are paying for their security and also for the safety of his family, his assets and assets.

The guards and escorts are one of the most requested services in places, and in reality, nothing less was expected from a country that lives with fear and insecurity day by day and with the little collaboration of the authorities most of the time, it is up to us to look for options to be safe and secure day by day.

Another very common case is that a bodyguard is hired for children. There are scenarios where both parents work all day and have the opportunity and enough income to hire an escort for their children, who are usually young children who have several activities a day.

However, there are people who, due to their work or profession due to force majeure, are forced to be accompanied most of the time by an escort behind their backs. Some of the figures that cannot go out without a bodyguard are:

Politicians.- We know perfectly well why this type of character must have an escort out of obligation. And it is that with so much disagreement and difference in political ideas, they are exposed daily to suffer some type of attack.

Celebrities: Although there are celebrities who do not necessarily require a bodyguard twenty-four seven, there are some others who are celebrities of more international stature that for their safety they should have not one, but several bodyguards to protect them mainly from fans, paparazzi, press, etc.